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Northern Diver Australia was established in 2001 as the Australian, New Zealand and Asia Pacific distributor of Northern Diver UK products. Northern Diver's reputation as one of the world's elite drysuit manufacturers and diving equipment manufacturers has its roots in their genuine love of diving.

Northern Diver is increasingly the choice of top diving personalities and commercial divers. The renowned life saving properties of Northern Diver suits have been responsible for saving many divers exposed to extreme conditions. For example, experienced BBC underwater cameramen have used Northern Diver protection in Antarctica to isolate themselves from water nearing -2 degrees C.

Commercial divers trust Northern Diver suits and equipment on a daily basis. Cave divers use Northern Diver suits in the extreme underground and unforgiving environments where darkness, cold and abrasive rock is the norm. And, of course, thousands of club divers the world over expound the virtues of the Northern Diver 'ultimate diving system'.

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Northern Diver Drysuit Catalogue
Drysuit Catalogue

Adobe PDF, 23 pages, 5 Mb

Northern Diver Drysuit Manual
Drysuit Manual

Adobe PDF, 28 pages, 5 Mb

Northern Diver Drysuit Valve Manual
Drysuit Valve Manual

Adobe PDF, 12 pages, 1.7 Mb

Northern Diver Drysuit Measuring Guide
Drysuit Measuring Guide

Adobe PDF, 2 pages, 1 Mb


Northern Diver Wetsuit Brochure
Wetsuit Brochure

Adobe PDF, 16 pages, 3.5 Mb

Northern Diver Commercial Catalogue
Commercial Catalogue

Adobe PDF, 52 pages, 33 Mb

Northern Diver Rescue Brochure
Rescue Brochure

Adobe PDF, 48 pages, 76 Mb


Northern Diver BCD/PFD Knife Instructions
BCD/PFD Knife Instructions

Adobe PDF, 1 page, 1.6 Mb

Northern Diver LED Strobe Instruction
LED Strobe Instruction

Adobe PDF, 1 page, 112 Kb

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